Rehab Treatment Testing Services

We provide clinical laboratory testing for patients in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction whose physicians have ordered testing as part of their treatment plan. Our clinical testing can provide a thorough overview of drugs present and absent, as well as a record of drug levels over time. This gives the care provider a picture of the patient’s status at any given time, as well as a longer view of results over time which can be very helpful in evaluating progress in treatment and verifying patient compliance.

We test for a wide range of drugs including alcohol and also for several adulterants commonly used to attempt to defeat the tests. Results are provided by fax, mail or online to the physician and others authorized by the patient. Precision offers onsite collection to facilities and patients’ residences. We also offer a next day mail-in service.

When it comes to serving those in recovery, Precision will always go the extra distance.
Precision Testing Laboratories, Inc. provides focused services to people in recovery and those who care for them.
  • Medically necessary drug of abuse testing for patients in treatment for addiction.
  • Help clients understand and comply with the rules regarding therapeutic drug testing.
  • Fast and accurate results; because we know addiction is a life and death struggle.
  • Assuring anonymity to preserve the dignity and privacy of patients.