Prescription Painkiller Drug Testing Lab Services

Precision Testing Laboratories, Inc. is committed to serving patients whose physicians have prescribed medication for pain care. This type of testing monitors levels for compliance with prescriptions and detects illicit drugs. Testing provides the physician with accurate information; a snapshot of present levels at any given time. Testing also provides a history and a tool for evaluating and adjusting prescriptions and helping to assure patient compliance with dosages. Precision also provides past results in the form of graphs and charts for ease of usage.

Since roughly 20% of prescription pain medications are diverted to the street as illegal drugs, Precision provides doctors with the information to ensure that the medications prescribed are being taken by their patients.

Testing provides the very best safeguard against unwitting participation in illegal drug sales and use and demonstrates the physician’s commitment to preventing this type of abuse.

Finally, testing can reveal the presence of drugs for which the physician has not prescribed. These include street drugs and alcohol. Since the consequences of interaction or overdose can be deadly, information about possible drug abuse or addiction in the patient undergoing pain treatment can help to prevent tragic outcomes.